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Trauma overwhelms the brain, the body, and the emotions.
The load is impossible to carry alone..

The pain of trauma
is so overwhelming to the brain, body, and emotions, trauma makes it difficult to cope. Whether someone suffers from betrayal trauma as a result of a partner’s porn or sex addiction, or another type of relational or relationship trauma, childhood trauma, PTSD, or Complex PTSD, all trauma is impossible to cope with alone.

Healing Trauma Together’s goal is to offer a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment where people who are hurting can take whatever time they need to heal from their trauma and transform their lives.

Healing Trauma Together offers clients the encouragement and reassurance, wisdom and information, the space for discernment, and the direction and connection necessary to survive, to heal, and to thrive.


Trauma is the very real and debilitating response to an intensely shocking, threatening, or overwhelming experience. Trauma affects a person’s whole being: mind, body, and emotions, and interferes with his or her day-to-day life, relationships, and ability to connect.

Trauma can result from one, single experience or from a set of experiences over time. While people typically think of trauma as the result of a catastrophic event, trauma can also come from common, everyday occurrences, such as being neglected by a parent, being in an unhealthy relationship or unsafe environment, or regularly being treated disrespectfully by one’s parent/s, spouse or partner.


Healing trauma is a transformative process involving a person’s whole being: mind, body, and emotions. This is why “talk therapy” and other similar approaches to healing trauma have proven to be less effective than the more holistic approach. Healing trauma is a gradual, step-by-step process of moving from a place of anxiety and instability, where fear and pain can feel overwhelming, to a place of deep seated serenity, stability, and confidence: a groundedness that can be maintained even during life’s most turbulent times.


Healing Trauma Together offers a variety of healing and support services , so that clients can choose what best fits their personality, needs, and schedule.

I offer resources both for people experiencing trauma and for those supporting them. With 25+ years experience in trauma and competence in addiction, I offer spiritual direction as well as training and consultation with clergy (and youth and children’s ministers) and others who work in the field of trauma and addiction. ~Lynda Ward