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Spiritual Direction & Trauma Coaching

Lynda Ward, M.T.S., C.S.D.

Lynda Ward

About Lynda Ward

Lynda Ward, M.T.S., C.S.D., is a certified spiritual director and coach specializing in healing trauma, restoring relationships, and building resiliency. Lynda is also a minister, educator, and an award winning writer and artist. And she recently became a mom when she adopted a little girl from Bulgaria.

Lynda has a deep understanding of trauma through her personal life experiences and her over twenty years of professional experience with healing trauma. Lynda has worked in a variety of settings: one-on-one coaching and spiritual direction; leading retreats, workshops, and seminars; teaching courses at the university level; working in treatment clinics; and serving churches as a pastor and youth minister. In each setting, her focus has been on healing trauma; recognizing and building healthy, authentic relationships; finding meaning, purpose, and strength in grief, loss, and suffering; realizing one's dignity and personal significance; and building resiliency in response to trauma. Lynda's clients are individuals and couples whose lives has been impacted by abuse, anxiety and anxiety disorders, PTSD, grief and loss, and relational and betrayal trauma, including partners of sex addicts who have suffered betrayal trauma due to their partner's addiction.

Lynda received a B.A in psychology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She was awarded a Masters in Theological Studies from The Divinity School at Duke University, and she completed a post-graduate certificate and certification in Christian Spirituality and Spiritual Direction from Neumann College. Lynda continues to pursue her passion for learning about the many ways and approaches to healing trauma through continuing education opportunities, including studies in the latest research in attachment theory and neuroscience, as well as how trauma (and resiliency) can be stored in and affects the human body and DNA. Lynda's passion is the theological response to trauma.

Lynda was the director of The Spirituality Center at Epworth United Methodist Church in Indiana where she offered spiritual direction, workshops, and directed retreats. For a variety of churches and organizations, she has also lead workshops and retreats on topics such as: Centering Prayer, Christian Prayer as The Practice of Relationship, Understanding Christian Forgiveness in the Gospel of Matthew, Discovering the"True Self" or the Person God Created You to Become, Story and Transformation or How Stories serve as a Guide for Transforming Tragedy into Triumph, and God Esteem as Self-Esteem: Exploring Self-Esteem and Resiliency.

For over eleven years, Lynda taught religion at Methodist University in North Carolina. Her popular religious literature and biblical literature classes focused on the Christian response to human suffering and trauma: how to transform tragedy into triumph. In her classes she focused on story-craft, or on how stories in the Bible, as well as in literature and the visual arts (especially in photography and film or movies) reveal what is necessary to find life's meaning and purpose, and how suffering and trauma can be opportunities for us to deepen our understanding of ourselves, of God, of who God created us to become, and of our relationship with all of God's creation.

Lynda is the co-author of two nonfiction books, "Ready, Set, Lead: The New Pastor's Guide to Starting Ministry" and "At Home with the Word: Reflections on Matthew's Gospel." Lynda has had two playscripts produced, and her poems, short stories, and articles, and her photography, have been published in a variety of publications.

Spiritual Direction & Trauma Coaching

Spiritual Direction and Trauma Coaching are therapeutic, one-on-one, relationships designed to help clients concentrate on becoming more grounded and centered so that they can heal trauma and focus on the future. The process includes recognizing obstacles in the way and exploring how to overcome those obstacles, making plans and setting goals, and identifying the next steps in one's healing journey.

For questions or to schedule one-on-one direction or coaching time with Lynda, please contact her at Lynda @ HealingTraumaTogether.com .

Both direction and coaching support clients as they examine and attend to their thoughts and emotions. The goal is for clients to become more familiar with their thoughts and emotions and how their thoughts and emotions drive their actions and affect their overall sense of self, ability to connect, health and life. Both Spiritual Direction and Trauma Coaching draw upon the latest research and studies in trauma, attachment theory, the science of how the brain works, and neurofeedback.

Coaching is primarily focused on the future and helping clients identify and take the next step in their healing journey. Spiritual Direction is designed to help clients deeply dive into healing their trauma and exploring the meaning and purpose of their lives as well as God’s unique calling for them. Spiritual Direction acknowledges and draws upon the rich history, wisdom, and tradition of the contemplative practices in the Christian church and employs a theological response to healing trauma. Spiritual Direction is a transformative process which includes healing past and present wounds while strengthening and deepening one's relationships and connection with self, others, world and God.

Lynda's Workshops & Retreats

For information about Lynda's upcoming workshops & retreats, please visit our "Workshops & Retreats" Page.

For a Free Thirty Minute Phone Call

For trauma that has impacted your life, Healing Trauma Together offers a one time, FREE, 30 minute, one-on-one phone call with Lynda. This is an opportunity to share your story and ask any questions you may have, and to explore which of Healing Trauma Together's services might be the best fit for you.

To sign up for this phone conversation, please email Lynda at Lynda @ HealingTraumaTogether.com .. In your email, please 1) explain your current situation (briefly in a couple paragraphs or less), 2) what you have done so far in response (e.g. counseling, coaching, groups, education or reading, or nothing yet—because the trauma just happened, etc.), and 3) what you would like or hope to gain from Healing Trauma Together (to the extent you know). Please include your phone number and the best day/times to call (in Eastern Standard Time). These are so I can learn more about you, and we make the most of our time together in the free call. Please know I never share any of your information with anyone.

For questions or to book time with Lynda Ward,
please contact us at Lynda @ HealingTraumaTogether.com .

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